Yesterday i watched “sagara sangamam..” movie.. , you know i have seen that movie more than 10 times before..
but this time i felt something different.. This time i closely observed Balu’s character…(Kamal hasan)
one thing that hit  me… is who ever you may be… what ever you do… life will decide what you are..!
Okay stay with me on this.. think that you are the captain of the ship.. you command whole ship , but when storm hit’s your ship..
things will change..
you can’t control your ship… may you are the most self confident , powerful , intelligent , and talented captain but
it doesn’t matter , from then on wards storm will control your ship… it’s up to storm to hit your ship to make you reach shore or sink it…
Got it… I mean.. if you think you have talent but no one recognizing you, don’t worry you can’t do anything about it..
Do what ever you are doing..! recognizing you is Other’s perspective it’s not in your hands… If you worry about that you will fall apart..
Let’s get back to the ‘balu..’  he is very talented dancer… he want to become a professional dancer that’s it… learning dance is in his hands..
but want to be professional dancer..? it ls not in his hands.. others got to tell that he is professional , he had his plans that he will become good dancer since he had
extraordinaty skills.. but he wanted to prove himslef in way that he chose… It keeps him away from films…
(he reject to dance in movies.. ) then Madhavi(Jayaprada) finds his talent.. want to encourage him so she arranges him to perform in a big
program so that he will become a proffessional and his talent will be introduced to the art world
Ship is his control.. all he wanted is that his mother presence at the program.(still in his hands…)
exactly before two days to his program his mother died of illness… (hit the storm.. )
he loses his control over his ship storm took the control unfortunately it sank his ship
That’s it… Since then he never wanted to become professional , he became alcoholic… he passed away like a average stupid man..

Thank You…

Hit by Storm





Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that

– George Carlin

Yes That was George Carlin  , i met him in youtube 5 months ago. That was a boring day  I  opened ‘ youtube’ and typed ‘best comedy’ in search box ..  That’s how i met him…  from then i just followed him… he became  my guru , mentor, philosopher,and teacher he taught me so many things , gradually  I became his disciple  , he talked about everything , he pointed out stupidity of humanity… especially ,  he criticized our system and society by using both side sharpened  knife called ‘comedy’. The best thing that he ever said that “There are no bad words, only bad thoughts we have.. “

I decided to dedicate my first post to this  great  person even though he won’t agree it.. 

Thank you