I am not good at shopping. I hate shopping it kills lot of time… in my whole life i spent very less time on shopping.

I don’t go to big shopping malls it kind of irritates me… window shopping has no place in my life.
I don’t feel comfort when i go to big malls… it drops my confidence level don’t know why..
when i want to buy.. i will chose mini malls , as i finished my work returning to my hostel…
(office in Begumpet and hostel in SR Nagar, I walk from office to hostel everyday.)
So i was listening to music on my mobile., when i reached near to Sathyam theater 
Students are returning from institutes , two women are bargaining with street vendor…,
A young kid asking her father to buy her ice cream… her mother warning husband to not to buy it… it’s winter ,
Young couples are walking holding hands…
An old man is begging with starving eyes… (some times i feel guilty that i don’t have money to give them ..  but not this time)
another two child beggars asking money from the people who are waiting at Theater  
probably they are waiting for second show…
and a boy and girl arguing while eating their fast food…
Then i thought i would buy a t-shirt..
so i went to street vendor to buy t-shirts… as i can barely listen to him… because of two reasons
one is that i was listening to music and second is that bunch of girls are also shopping at another shop.. beside that,
he said something… i nodded , and i was watching tees and girls simultaneously
they are smiling at me.. Girls smile at you… two times
1. when they like you
2.when they think you are a fool.. (“I am”)
Gradually i found that they are laughing at me… I picked a t-shirt he said Rs.200
i was bargaining to Rs.150 i was checking that whether it suits me or not…
this time i heard they are laughing loudly…
So i removed my head phones
I said him ” I am not gonna pay more than Rs.150 ”
He yelled like “These are ladies Tee’s… i am not going to sell these to you..I’ve been telling this since you got here… you with your f@#$%^ng head phones… “
You know “I hate F*******ng shopping… “.


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